Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) Project


Cut out the parts needed and assemble 12 class I (Flight Hardware) Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) Type C Cargo Transfer Bags (CTB).


These bags will be used to transfer cargo from earth to the International Space Station.  They will fly up on the Automated Transfer Vehicle launched and flown by the European Space Agency one of NASA’s International Space Station partners.


The ATV Type C CTB consists of five sub-assemblies; three (3) handles, one (1) strap, four (4) labels, one (1) door and one (1) body.  All of the parts are made out of NOMEX.  NOMEX is used because it is self extinguishing properties i.e. it will burn in the presence of a flame, but when the flame source is removed it will stop burning or self extinguish.  Each handle has two (2) parts, straps have six (6) parts, labels have two (2) parts, the door has eight (8) parts and four (4) sub-assemblies and the body has eighteen (18) parts and the remaining four (4) subassemblies.  The final assembly has four (4) parts and two (2) sub-assemblies the door and body.  Therefore each Type C CTB consists of 48 parts that have to be cut out correctly and sewn together properly.


The Bay Area Christian HS HUNCH team will consists of thirteen (13) volunteer students selected by the teacher.  The team is currently being trained and tested in quality control for controlled storage, linear measurement and stitch inspection.  Students that meet the testing requirements will be set up (issued stamps) to perform quality control, making sure that procedures and process are in place and are being followed.  The team is preparing to begin fabricating the CTBs and is expected to begin fabrication in Jan 2011.


Control storage is in place and working as needed.  Teams will be designated to cut and kit parts, sew sub-assemblies, hide thread ends and perform quality control.  Need to ship the final materials that are needed to finish all of the parts.

Sub-assemblies: Handles 2/12 sets complete, Straps 2/12 complete, Labels 2/20 sets complete, Doors 3/05 complete and bodies 3/11 complete.

Final Assembly 3/25 complete. Updated 01/10/11

HUNCH Recognition Ceremony 2011



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