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Click here to watch Lakewood High School’s HUNCH Hydrofuge team present their experiment to the 2015 ISS Research and Development Conference


Design, fabricate, and document an experiment to fly on the Zero-G plane in April, 2011. The experiment is to investigation how microgravity will affect their proposed ISS plant growth chamber.


The plant growth chamber is proposed to fly on the ISS.  However, student explorations are to inspire the next generation of scientists.


The students are designing an aeroponicss plant growth chamber which will operate well within constrains of the ISS. This school year, students will investigate aspects of their plant growth chamber that may be affected by microgravity conditions.


The Lakewood HUNCH team is twelve students in Sustainable Energy and Design class. They have been working during their summer vacation, class time, and after school on their experiment.


The students have successfully grown tomato, basil plants and other plants and trees in their greenhouse. They are going to set up to a larger greenhouse, since they have filled their present one with plants. The students have designed, fabricated and documented a personal plant chamber using a combination of a centrofuge and aeroponics system. The plant chamber has successfully flown on the Zero Gravity plane on April 5th and 6th, 2011. They also have set up a wonderful blog where you can learn all about their  

HUNCH Recognition Ceremony 2011


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Hardware Handover Status Report

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