Spillane MS


Cut the parts and assemble each enclosures, they will be used to improve the machining efficiency and safety by securing the tooling being used to manufacture hardware and cover the sharp edges so that visitors to the shops will not be exposed to the sharp edges. The enclosures will also be lockable so that measuring tools and spare tooling will be secured when the HUNCH team is not using it.

Spillane Middle School also fabricated a steel container that was proposed to be used to contain the flying camera platforms while on the Zero Gravity plane in April. The container was so well built and constructed that it passed the structural analysis required to fly on the Zero-Gravity plane. However, the container was not flown because it was determined that the cameras could free float on within the cabin of the Zero Gravity plane.


To provide an organized and professional work area that is safe from hazards and secured from off shift tampering or use. Space is limited in the schools and the equipment is used by other non-HUNCH students. The HUNCH projects are intermittently worked throughout the day and left exposed when the team in not in class. The enclosures provide the ability to cover and secure the tooling being used over a spread of time while hardware is being made.


The enclosures will be 2’ x  2’ x 12″.  They will have a wooden frame made out of 2” x 2” pine glued and screwed together. The cover will be 2 piece clear acrylic or polycarbonate double hinged lid.  The internal configurations will vary according to the type of tooling required for each school’s milling machines.


The Spillane MS HUNCH team is a club that meets after school.


Waiting on sketches and material from Vernon Byrd for the project to begin.