Electronic Training Hardware


Laurel High School has been working on NASA HUNCH projects since the Spring Semester of 2005.  They have built electronic training hardware for the astronauts training at both Johnson Space Center and Marshall Space Flight Center.


The purpose of the electronic training hardware is to provide the astronauts with realistic hardware to simulate what is on the ISS.


The students are Laurel High School have built Stand-off Interface Panels, Generic Luminaire Assemblies, Utility Outlet Panels, and much more.  The electronic hardware built is all computer controlled so the instructors for the astronauts can make the hardware malfunction to observe the astronauts’ reactions.


Students at Laurel High School enroll in a semester, elective class that is dedicated the fabrication of HUNCH hardware.  The students can enroll in as many semesters as they wish.  One 2011 female graduate was the first student to participate every semester of her high school career in the HUNCH course.


The students are currently working under the direction of Bob Zeek at Marshall Space Flight Center.