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Machine the parts needed and assemble an International Space Station class III (Training Hardware) Single Stowage Locker.


The locker will be used to train the International Space Station astronaut crew members on locker operations, payload housing and stowage.


The International Space Station Single Stowage Locker is assembled out of twenty-three (23) parts that the students will fabricate out of raw material.  Fifteen (15) of these parts will be made out of aluminum sheet.  Seven parts will be machined out of Aluminum billets.  The remaining part will be a modified from a commercial off the shelf hinge.  There are also numerous commercial off the shelf parts that will be included in the assembly i.e. rivets, latches and captive fasteners.


The Conroe HS HUNCH team is an industrial technology club that meets after school.  Machining at this school is a new technology field.  Clear Creek HS has provided the team with a copy of DVDs to aid the team in learning milling.


NASA has loaned the school a new CNC Mill.  The school district was quick to provide the other needed items to get the mill to a usable state.  The mill is now set up and running. 1/19/11

Fabrication: 100/100 tool guides complete are 90% complete, 0/1 rear plate complete, 0/1 door complete, 0/1 hinge complete, 0/1 front frame complete, 0/2 top/bottom panel complete and 0/2 left/right side panel complete.  Reference: 3/3 door panels are being made at Cy-Ranch.

Assembly: 0% Door and 0% body complete.

 HUNCH Recognition Ceremony 2011


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