Warren Tech 2013-2014 Design and Prototyping Project

The European Physiology Module (EPM), engineered and fabricated first by the European Space Agency (ESA), is a product designed to test ISS faculty health statistics. The EPM project was assigned to the Warren Tech NASA HUNCH S2TEM program by NASA HUNCH headed by Stacy Hale, in the year 2012.

Since then, this 2013-2014 school year’s students have fully taken on the responsibility to follow through with this project until completion.

To complete this project, the NASA HUNCH S2TEM class will be utilizing the resources that are present on the Warren Tech Central campus; Welding and Precision Machining.
These such resources will allow Warren Tech students to not only engineer the product with CAD programs in class, but also fabricate and assemble the end product, delivered to NASA JSC in April of 2014.