Talent & Authorization Form

Talent Authorization and Release

Attention: Please fill out both the Online and Print version. If under the age of 18 have a parent or legal guardian sign the Print version and return it to your teacher. Be sure that all information between the Online and Print version matches and is accurate.

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I hereby grant to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and others acting on its behalf, the right to record my person and voice using audio, photographic, video, or other such techniques: to include my name, likeness, voice and biographical material in connection with these recordings; to use, reproduce, distribute, and exhibit such recordings in any and all media throughout the world without limitation; and to authorize others to do so, for any purpose which NASA and those acting pursuant to its authority, deem appropriate.

I hereby waive all rights of any nature in such recording(s) and the exhibition thereof.  It is understood that this grant is provided at no cost to the Government and that no compensation of any kind shall be due or expected.

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