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I think programs like HUNCH are vital to open minds and opportunities to youth around the country. I know it was an important part in my life that definitely sparked my interest, and has even affected my college and career paths… I am so thankful for that first step in HUNCH to help bring me to where I am today.

— Ayla Grandpre, Computer Science and Chemistry Major, Rocky Mountain College

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By having the opportunity to be a part of the HUNCH program as a student, I was able to showcase my growing skills as a drafter and design engineer, and eventually end up working for HUNCH as a staff member… Without HUNCH, I would not have been able to foster and grow a creative, problem-solving side of myself, thus hindering me from propelling myself above my peers in my preparedness for entering the industry.

— Logan Sammons, Electrical Engineering Major, University of Houston


 Working with the HUNCH program throughout high school helped not only to improve my sewing skills but also to better understand project management and work flow over long term projects. Learning the responsibilities as well as technical skills made my college experience even more rewarding.

— Lee Hansen, Softgoods Specialist


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I had the opportunity of a lifetime to be able to work on projects that are now onboard the International Space Station and used at various NASA facilities in the US which have truly been influential accomplishments for me, other students and to the space program. Given my invaluable experience, regardless of the career path that you pick or the interest that you may have, the HUNCH program instills students with the knowledge and expertise that will lead to a promising future.

— Owen Theeck, Aviation Business Administration student at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University 


 Working with several machines, using Mastercam software and making flight hardware for the ISS was life changing. Also, as an intern and mentor, it gave me the opportunity to teach other students what I knew about machining and engineering. This, without a doubt, helped me get my job at Sam Houston.

— Lily England, HUNCH Intern & Mentor


Interning for HUNCH gave me that edge I needed to land this job. I appreciate what HUNCH offers for students to get real world experience. Now I get to program and machine every day.

— Ian West, HUNCH Intern


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