James Madison HS


2012 Video of James Madison High School’s HUNCH team

Madison Students Create Astronaut Storage Bags


Fabricate 5 full size and 5 half size CTBs


These bags will be used for future training purposes


James Madison High School is new to the HUNCH program this year and is in the process of getting started. The Family and Consumer Science Teacher Ms. Hubbard is eager and excited to be participating. She will lead the team to build prototype Softgoods to become accustomed to the fabrication techniques and equipment.


The James Madison HUNCH Team consists of 10 Family Consumer Science volunteer students selected by the teacher to participate in the program. These students have demonstrated and expressed an interest in the Space Program and what NASA does. They are enthusiastic and eager to participate.


School Principal has authorized Teacher and class to participate. 4 industrial sewing machines have been delivered and set up in the classroom. Teacher has been provided hands on operation instruction and has demonstrated the ability to perform basic operation of the machines. Students have begun basic training and practice on machines. Delivery of materials and patterns is pending.