Camp NASA has several videos for you to watch.  These videos are of actual lessons that students studying to be ISS Flight Controllers attended several years ago.  It is really cool that you now can learn from their teachers.

NEW to this HUNCH Website is Camp NASA where you can learn about Mission Control at Johnson Space Center. So come join the fun virtually!
To begin HUNCH students at Warren Tech Computer Animation Class have designed a concentration video game, which challenges you to find the call signs of the ISS Flight Controllers and the words that the call signs stand for. If the ISS Flight Controllers are not familar to you learn more about them in the first lesson posted on the Camp NASA link.
Shortly you will be able to view the lessons that prepare Flight Controllers to maintain the ISS. These videos are taken of the actual classes that future Flight Controller candidates attend. Now you can attend right in your home.
Enjoy and please keeping checking out Camp NASA all summer there will be additional lessons added.