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EVA Wire Ties

The HUNCH Hardware Manufacturing team has completed the last delivery of 200 EVA Wire Ties! This makes up to the total of 600 requested items. A massive amount of time, effort, and team work went into the assembly of the wire ties across the whole of our manufacturing team. Many schools participated in the assembly process, from designing and building assembly tools, to the assembly that took place at several different schools across the country, and back to the team for final inspections. This has been one of our largest projects yet! Showing the amazing team work and coordination that goes into every project HUNCH works on.

NASA HUNCH and Launch America

Imagine that while still in high school, students across the nation who are participating in the NASA High School Students United with NASA to Create Hardware (HUNCH) Program have contributed flight hardware to the historic “Launch America” event.  SpaceX Crew Dragon spaceship is sending astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) from the historic 39A launch pad at Kennedy Space Center.

NASA HUNCH manufacturing students have made 70 flight ready Single Stowage Lockers (SSLs) over the past four years.  Four of these SSLs are carrying supplies to the ISS on this momentous flight.  The NASA HUNCH SSLs are carrying liquid cooling ventilation garments, crew shoes, and an exercise harness for the astronauts. To recognize the dedication and skills of the students who manufacture flight hardware, NASA allows both students and their instructors to sign the top of the Single Stowage Lockers.

Single Stowage Locker Whitson
Peggy Whitson with HUNCH Single Stowage Locker signed by students.

HUNCH Team Statement

Hello to our NASA HUNCH students, teachers, volunteer mentors, and supporting faculty members.

In this difficult time during the pandemic we have all had to alter what we are doing and how we are doing it. Due to current restraints, HUNCH has had to cancel our in person end-of-year events that include the Final Critical Reviews of the Design and Prototype and Culinary programs, and the annual Recognition Ceremony where NASA HUNCH recognizes the contributions of all involved in the program. In an effort to still send a message of thanks for all the support you and your students provided NASA this year, as well as recognizing the work that has been accomplished, please see and share the linked HUNCH video playlist of mentor messages (

Everyone was involved in what was a monumental year for the NASA HUNCH program. The sheer number of students (2,500+), teachers (230+), schools (270+), and states (44) involved and participating were all record highs in the 17th year of the HUNCH program. The reach that the program has gained across the country, and now even with international students, is remarkable. HUNCH also completed its 60th fully assembled ISS Stowage Locker to NASA this past fall, and has been tasked with 100 more assemblies in the coming years. We are preparing a delivery of 400 EVA Wire Ties that HUNCH students assembled over the fall and spring semesters this year, as well as the prototype station projects that are the Tape Dispenser and Ball Clamp monopod. We are also set to deliver 10 additional U.S. Hygiene Kits for the crew’s personal use. Crew members are eagerly awaiting these student-made flight projects.

These feats, along with the culinary dishes being created for crew consumption on station, hundreds of great design ideas for prototype projects, informative and innovative media projects, and many more HUNCH training items provided to NASA are all incredible! All because of the work that you students do for NASA. We are so grateful for what you and your schools have accomplished this past school year, and in the years leading up to it. NASA and the ISS Program office send their sincere thanks and congratulations for the support of the mission and crew.

We are all looking forward to continuing this awesome work next school year. We hope you and your students are all safe and healthy.

Thank you,


2019-2020 Recognition Videos from Project Managers

2019 HUNCH Culinary Finalists

The 10 finalist teams and their dishes (in no particular order) for the NASA HUNCH Final Culinary Challenge are:

Indian Butternut and Mango Chicken – Secchia Institute for Culinary Education – Grand Rapids, MI

Thai Coconut Chicken Curry – West Grand High school – Kremmling, CO

Chicken Mole – Milby HS – Houston, TX

Mofongo with Shrimp – JB Hensler College and Career Center, Manvel, TX

Moroccan Duck Tagine – Ulster BOCES – New York

Pineapple Chicken Stir Fry – Bridging Communities Technical Center – New Kent, VA

Hawaiian Shrimp Kabobs – Meridian Technology Center – Stillwater, OK

Indian Lamb Curry – Phoebus HS – Hampton, VA

Moroccan Chicken Tagine – Hewitt Trussville HS- Trussville, AL

Pork Carnitas Quesadilla- Eastside HS – Gainesville, FL

Congratulations to all of our NASA HUNCH finalist teams and every team that participated in the culinary challenge this year. All of your dishes have been delicious. Great work!

2019-2020 HUNCH/ACTE Video Challenge

We are excited to announce the 2019-2020 HUNCH/ACTE Video Challenge: Living and Working on the Moon and Beyond! HUNCH is happy to be partnering with the Association of Career and Technical Education again this year to bring this challenge to students all across the U.S.

The deadline to submit a video has passed.

For more information visit the links below:

HUNCH/ACTE Video Challenge Prompt >

ACTE Website Link >

2019-2020 Kickoff

Students, teachers, parents, partners, and administrators: we hope you all are off to a terrific new school year. We are very excited about the coming school year as we expand the HUNCH program to new schools and acquire new industry partners to help to support your incredible work for NASA. This school year, we are planning on making some modifications that are necessary in order to bring our events and programs to all of our schools across the country. The important dates and changes that we are planning for NASA HUNCH reviews and recognition ceremonies can be found through the link below.

2019-2020 Kickoff Letter >

North East Recognition 1

North East Recognition Ceremony

Last weekend, May 19th, saw our North East HUNCH Recognition Ceremony. Congratulations to the students who put in so much effort over this school year!

North East Recognition 1
North East Recognition ceremony, Glenn Johnson, Flo Gold, and Mark Hei

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