Application for HUNCH Volunteers

The HUNCH mission is to empower and inspire students through a Project Based Learning program where high school students learn 21st century skills and have the opportunity to launch their careers through the participation in the design and fabrication of real world valued products for NASA. We would like to expand the HUNCH program to more schools throughout the United States.  However, this means that we need more volunteer mentors for our schools.  Individuals knowledgeable in any of the following categories and have time to visit schools and mentor students are encouraged to apply by filling out this application. The projects involved in HUNCH fall into the following categories:

Hardware: Students fabricate both training and flight parts.  Two of the projects currently being worked on are Single Stowage Lockers and Handrails for the International Space Station (ISS).  Students in manufacturing classes use CNC machines to construct these parts.

Software: Students fabricate both training and flight softgood products.  Two of the projects currently being worked on are Cargo Transfer bags and Crew Sleeping bag liners for flight to the ISS.  Students in family and consumer classes or fashion design classes work on commercial sewing machines to construct these products.

Design and Prototyping: Students design and fabricate prototypes of items either needing to be redesigned or new items for the astronauts on the ISS.  Two of the projects currently being worked on are a redesign of a crew quarters lint filter holder and a tape dispenser.  Students in design or engineering classes with accesses to CAD programs and 3D printers work on these products.

Culinary Challenge: Students in this challenge are tasked with making an entrée for the astronauts on the ISS.  Two entrées that have gone to the ISS are Coconut Jamaican Rice and Beans and Red Pepper Risotto.  Students in culinary classes develop a recipe that meets NASA’s nutritional requirements and one entrée is selected to go to the ISS each year.

Video Challenge: Students make 5 minute videos that help educate others about NASA’s mission and payloads.  Students in media and video classes participate in this program.

Thank you for your interest in the NASA HUNCH program.  We have many schools on a waiting list who would like to join HUNCH.  However, at the present time we need new mentors to help us incorporate more schools.  Please fill out the survey below and email it to .

Please answer the following questions only if you are a past HUNCH student or teacher