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History of HUNCH

16 years ago, NASA HUNCH (High Schools United with NASA to Create Hardware) was founded as a means of giving high school students new educational experiences by producing hardware training items for the International Space Station. Today, the program has grown from the first 3 schools in 2003 to well over 200 schools all across the country participating in a wide variety of projects, ranging from industrial sewing to an astronaut Culinary Challenge.

We mainly work to improve the lives of the International Space Station crew from day-to-day personal items or tools to updating parts of the station itself from their original designs. HUNCH fills a unique niche for the International Space Station, as well as providing high quality training and flight parts to other NASA programs and partners, by covering a wide range of topics. Through HUNCH, students have a unique opportunity to learn skills and have a real-world contribution to NASA’s space missions. Join Us!



The 2018 HUNCH Culinary Challenge featured breakfast entrees. The top 10 teams were chosen from over 30 competitors from across the country and came to Space Center Houston for the Final Challenge.

Culinary Challenge Winner 2018

Announcing our winners for the HUNCH Video and Media challenge!

Video & Media Challenge Winner 2018

HUNCH had our Johnson Space Center Recognition Ceremony this weekend to showcase the students from local areas achievements this year.

JSC Recognition Ceremony

Congratulations to the teams who competed in the Final Culinary Challenge!

Final Culinary Challenge

The 2018-2019 HUNCH Recognition Ceremony was live-streamed on May 11. Thank you to everyone who was able to tune in.

2018-2019 HUNCH Recognition Ceremony

Students, teachers, parents, partners, and administrators, we hope you all are off to a terrific school year. We are very excited about the coming school year as we expand the HUNCH program to new schools and acquire new partners.

2018-2019 Kickoff


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