Space Flight Equipment

Space Flight Equipment is one of HUNCH’s largest programs allowing us to create high quality hardware items for the International Space Station. With many different applications we create items from approved design projects to requested items from Crew Systems. Since these projects are likely to fly to the International Space Station they need to be of the highest quality and meet the stringent tolerances applied to all hardware for the International Space Station.


Many of our most successful projects are items requested by the Astronaut Crew and developed through our Design and Prototyping program. Items such as the Galley Table help with crew comfort as well as other items providing maintenance solutions that keep the International Space Station running for a long time to come. With our largest project of Stowage Lockers of various sizes to hold experiments we are working at our highest quality, pushing students to produce the very best work possible.


Since most items are built to drawing specifications they need to show the highest quality output possible from our schools. We teach students about quality assurance best practices so that they learn to expect quality from all of the items they create. They are also shown proper safety documentation throughout the process making them more accountable for their output insuring tractability from start to finish. We want to insure that all HUNCH product meet the highest quality standards possible so that student work has the best chance of reaching the International Space Station.

Please click HERE to download the Tutorial for Quality Assurance.




Johnson Space Center

  • Texas- George Kessler-
  • Texas- Glenn Johnson-
  • Texas- Roy Bellard-

Marshal Space Flight Center

  • South East- Robert Zeek-

Glenn Research Center

  • North East- Nancy Hall-
  • North East- Amanda Phelps-

Kennedy Space Center

  • Florida- Lisa Passarelli-


Projects Flown to the International Space Station

  • Single Stowage Lockers
  • Space Flight Tools- Acme Thread Cleaning Kit
  • Can Crusher
  • Galley Table

Projects going to the International Space Station

  • Intravehicular  Handrails (Internal Space Station Handrails)
  • Astronaut Crew Quarters Lint Catcher
  • Double Ball Clamp
Thanksgiving Exp53

Expedition 53 crew having a Thanksgiving meal around HUNCH Galley Table

Single Stowage Locker Whitson

Peggy Whitson with HUNCH Single Stowage Locker signed by students.

EVA tool Whitson

Astronaut Peggy Whitson with EVA tools

Can Crusher

HUNCH built Can Crusher on the ISS