HUNCH Culinary Prelims

This month has seen HUNCH Culinary teams from around the country participate in the Prelim competition for the Culinary Challenge. This years theme is a breakfast item that must meet the NASA Food Lab standards and also be delicious.

Time lapse video from the competition at the Space & Rocket center in Huntsville AL.

Food Pantry ISS

Food Pantry Install

The HUNCH Double Shelf Food Pantry was installed in the International Space Station. A project started in 2012 now sees its full potential as a combination of our Design and Prototyping teams and Softgoods teams to create a new food stowage solution is fully installed. As the crew goes through their food items it will fill up but pictured here are three Russian food containers. Thanks so much to the Crew for sharing the photos!

Softgoods team: Oak Ridge High School

Design and Prototype team: Clear Creek High School

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Food Pantry ISS

HUNCH Double Food Pantry installed in ISS

Food Pantry ISS

HUNCH Double Food Pantry installed in ISS

HUNCH ORHS Food Pantry

Oak Ridge HUNCH students fabricated the Food Pantry Systems

Thanksgiving Exp53

Thanksgiving on the ISS with Expedition 53

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! The holiday was also celebrated by the astronaut crew aboard the International Space Station using the HUNCH Galley Table. Designed to extend the table made the perfect place to share a meal with the entire crew! For more information on the Galley Table and the HUNCH Hardware group that built it click here.



International Space Station Facebook Post




Footpads Being tested on the ISS

HUNCH designed Footpads are currently being tested on the International Space Station!

Designed to help the astronauts when moving around the Space Station, the Pads protect the tops of their feet when they hook them under a Handrail. Normally they only have a sock to cover up now with the HUNCH Footpads they’ll have plenty of protection.




Schools Involved

James Madison High School- Texas

Conroe High School- Texas

Clear Springs High School- Texas

Warren Tech- Colorado
Eagle Crest- Colorado
Platteville High School- Wisconsin
iSchool- Texas
Loral High School- Montana
Fairport High School- New York

Bill Gibbs visits ONBOCES with Single Stowage Locker that will be sent to the International Space Station

Bill Gibbs, one of the first HUNCH teachers brought around the Single Stowage Lockers for students and teachers to sign at Orleans Niagara BOCES’s manufacturing class of Mr. Rakonczay.   The students are making  hardware for the locker that will go to the International Space Station.  Channel 4 news was there to report on the event.