Current Projects

MISSE Straps

These straps produced for the alpha space program and were manufactured and assembled by HUNCH. These straps were designed and fabricated for strapping down hardware before and during launching of hardware.

Crew Quarters Organizer

HUNCH students were tasked with coming up with a way to assist crew in stowing and organizing their personal items. The students’ solution was a collapsible softgood item that acted as a binder with removable mesh pocketing attachments.

ISS Footpads

Crew requested a softgood designed to wear over their feet to help reduce callouses and bruising on their feet. This is caused from restraining their bodies in zero gravity using railing and other hard fixtures.



Program Timeline

Late Oct/Mid November – Face to face or virtual tag-ups for progress checks, questions, and feedback.

Late May/Early June – end of school year project, final deliverables due.

Late August/Early September – Start of school year, project kickoff.

Late Janurary through March for design reviews and/or progress checks.

Points of Contact

Jennifer M Leonard
Softgoods Lead
(281) 898-2382

Phong Do
(281) 483-3184

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