NASA HUNCH Software Program

Each project that the students work on is team based and while programming is a core part of software development, it is not the only component that makes a software product a success. Emphasis is placed on delivering working products at the end of the school year and having teams that focus on software development, design, quality assurance, and user testing. Solutions to these projects are intentionally open ended and meant to mirror real life software product development processes.

Projects are also designed to expose students to range of different types of software development. Examples this year included tracking items on the space station using IoT devices, building a mobile web application to allow an astronaut to have a personalized mission timeline, to software to help astronauts identify spacecraft parts using cutting edge technologies such as augmented reality.

Current Projects

Personalized Crew Reminder

A tool to let an astronaut see their personalized schedules, featuring reminders, timers, and alarms.

Augmented Reality Object Identificaion

A tool to let astronauts see an AR overlay of exactly what the part is they are working on with supporting information.

Automatic Location Stowage Tool

Tagging and tracking system for tools using IoT, RFID, Bluetooth, and NFC.

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